THREE LOGIX TECHNOLOGY aligns itself with modern and advanced concepts in the IT industry to help its customers by providing value-added software.

THREE LOGIX TECHNOLOGY performs precise research on each given problem and advises it’s customers on how their business growth, aims can be achieved by the implementation of a specific and research-based software solution.


We are a quality outsourcing web design, custom web application development, and custom business application Development Company. Our software house is based around the professional website designers, programmers, and flash animation developers. We offer a wide range of custom services at affordable competitive prices starting from small presentation sites to complex multifunctional web portals and advanced custom e-commerce solutions.


Our success depends on our client,s success.” We do not just build beautiful sites for our portfolio – we provide solutions that fulfil the needs of our clients and meet and exceed their expectations. All done on time and budget. We value the client’s time and budget – we firmly believe in a “The price we quote is the price you get.”  If we misquoted and it took some more time than anticipated – the client is not going to pay for that.